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Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Sales Trainer

Enjoy Greater Influence, Impact, & Income

As a Certified Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Sales Trainer I am qualified to facilitate, speak, train and coach individuals and groups in the areas of leadership development, professional skills, and personal growth.

Trained and mentored by John Maxwell and his world-class faculty, I have the resources and time honored experience to help you and your team improve your productivity, performance, and profitability. Whether you are looking for a facilitator for group workshops, corporate training in leadership, speaking, sales, or coaching skills for your leaders, or a speaker for your next event, I have access to exclusive content that is only available through a certified member of the John Maxwell Team to help you reach your goals and objectives.

My passion for leadership, goal oriented outlook on life, and helping others achieve their goals led me to join the John Maxwell Team after being a life-long student of John, dating back to 1995. I currently have over 25 years of a proven track record in international C-Level leadership and over 20 years hands on experience on numerous advisory boards of fast growing and innovative global family owned companies in the health and wellness space. This vast experience provided me the opportunity to work, speak, and train, in over twenty countries, on five continents.

Perhaps my greatest lessons, the value of hard work, ethics, honesty, communication, team work, and doing the right thing, were learned on the job, being mentored by some of the most dynamic founders and entrepreneurs who continually poured into me to help be discover my passion and purpose in life.

The essence of my primary aim is…“to lead and inspire others and myself to think, feel, and act as one, in the moment, in relationship with my family, creator, and the natural world as a whole”. Knowing my purpose and then consciously reflecting and managing my values on a daily basis has helped me to lead my life, not merely accept it.

As a professional business development speaker, coach, and trainer I work with companies and individuals to help them enjoy greater Influence, Impact, and Income. This vision combined with my no-nonsense, entertaining and straight forward style, helps clients get crystal clear on their vision, purpose, and achieving their goals.

Leadership is described as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. I would like to help you reach your purpose and goals through an intentional plan of development.

Working together we can facilitate change, creating a culture of excellence, and have fun doing it.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

John C. Maxwell

Business Development Lunch & Learn

We will customize the topic & approach to fit your team’s goals & objectives. Packed full of information and interaction with the intent of creating a fun learning environment for building awareness.

Speaking, Workshops, & Seminars

As a certified leadership coach, inspirational speaker, and sales trainer I offer customized presentations and workshops to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget.

Leadership Game

Through this game, you will raise the leadership awareness of your team and introduce timeless leadership principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection!

Youth Mentorship

Help young people to value themselves & others, by developing & maintaining a positive self-image, persevering in the midst of adversity, & creating a daily routine of successful attitudes & behavior.

Leadership Coaching

My coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms by stretching and growing you to gently see a more empowering way.

Professional & Personal Mentorship

A learning partnership, a journey of collective discovery that supports a personal and professional development strategy & will help guide you as a mentee to achieve your goals and objectives in life.

What my clients say about me and my work.

“You were fantastic…brilliant…thank you so much for the terrific information and the inspiration…they loved you…those brilliant minds were enthralled…it doesn’t happen often…Thanks.”

Mary Tabacchi Professor-Cornell University School of Hotel Management

“Mark’s gift for leadership and extraordinary ability to inspire others is much appreciated my Jurlique. Under Mark’s guidance, Jurlique opened 15 Concept Stores in the U.S., nurtured an international portfolio of luxury spas, and built a strong, high performance, passionate team in the U.S.”

Ulrike Klein Founder-Jurlique International

“Mark’s resourcefulness, experience, and dedication increased the intelligence factor of the worldwide Spa industry!”

Becky B. DreisbachExecutive Vice President-Niki Bryan, Inc.

“Mark uses a non-offensive, educational approach, focused on exceeding our guest’s expectations which provided a significant benefit and point of difference for our company.”

Dan Shackleton-JonesPresident-Niki Bryan Inc.

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